Everyone has an opinion. I'm entitled to mine too. This is the page where I will comment on various world affairs and political stuff. Check back here often to hear my latest rants and raves. You may agree with me, and you may not. That is fine. We all look at the world from our own perspectives. Those perspectives are forged by our various life experiences, education, and economic background. Mine are formed from my background as a middle aged male who grew up in the 1950s to 1970s. My economic background is middle of the road middle class. My father was a school teacher. My mother was a stay at home mom, until I was in the fourth grade, and then she went to work as a teachers aid in the same school system that my father taught. Both of my parents grew up during the Great Depression. My father has a Masters Degree in Unted States History, and was a history teacher for many years. He also served in the Army Air Corps during World War II.

My parents were good influences on me, giving me a good middle of the road sense of values. Other influences that I've had, have been the years that I spent in college. However, I think that the largest influence on my way of thinking was the twenty-six years that I spent in the US Air Force. I am retired military, and I'm proud of it. Consequently, I am proud of this country, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. America has allowed me to become what I wanted in life. My time in the military was spent as a performing musician in the Air Force. Now that I've retired I can use my well earned pension as a base to work off of in order to continue working as a free lance musician in the Washington, DC area. I do believe that rewards come to those that are willing to make sacrifices and plan for their futures.


First Rant...

I think sometimes that I send mixed messages to some people. Because I have long hair and a beard, some people assume that I'm some left-wing Socialistic liberal. I'm not. I'm actually a middle of the road Llibertarian/Conservative who happens to be a Republican. However, just because I'm conservative, I don't succumb to the ideology of the Religious Right either. Both the Marxist Left and the Religious Right are dangerous. The one difference between the Far Right and the Far Left, however, is that the Far Right is not out to destroy American sovereignty, and sell us out for the benefit of the Socialist Elites. The Far Left is embroiled in a love affair with Marxism, both economic and cultural. They have never forgiven Ronald Reagan for bringing down the Soviet Union. They hate George Bush, because he stands in the way of the implementation of their plan for a Marxist Utopian society with them ruling the world; the Dictatorship of the Intellectuals. Bringing down America and turning it into a Totalitarian Socialist country is the ultimate revenge prize. The events that are transpiring throughout the world today, are not new. Go back to 1848 with Marx and Engels, the 1880s with the Fabians, the early 1900s with the Anarchist and Marxist movements in Europe as well as America, the 16th and 17th Amendments to the US Constitution and the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the Wobblies in the 1920s, the New Deal in 1933, the Cold War, the Great Society social programs that almost destroyed Black America, Vietnam and the Communist antiwar movement, the rise of Islamofascism, Transnationalism, Multiculturalism, and the alliance between Marxism and Islamofascism with their shared goal of taking down the Western World. We need to wake up and realize that there is a very strong "Fifth Column" alive and well here in America, that is bound and determined to tear us down for their collective elitist benefit at our expense. It transcends both political parties, and needs to be dealt with before these bastards get more of a stranglehold on our American way of life. We are the greatest country in the world, and I would like for us to remain that way. We do not need Socialism in America, and we don't need to become good global citizens under the control of a United Nations one world government. Here's where I stand on the issues. Links will become active as my articles are written and posted:

Brand New Section: The Blog. Here is where I will take a current news or opinion article and comment on it.

"Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage." Attributed to the great Scottish historian and professor, Alexander Tyler.

Where are we now? I think we are probably somewhere between apathy and dependence, and leaning very steeply toward bondage.


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