Our Failed Public Education System, and Its Consequences

Sixty years ago, our urban public schools were some of the finest in this country. Today, they are the worst. What happened? Why do you have to attend a private school today to get the same quality of education that you used to get in the public schools? Is this coincidence or part of a master plan?

Education in America started to change in the early 1960s. There was, and still is, a deliberate process in place to "dumb down" the American population as a way of gaining more socialist control of our lives. This process actually has been in the works since the 1920s. After all, if you make at least one generation functionally illiterate, preferably two, you can create a climate where a majority of people will need to rely on government social programs in order to survive. This was one of the goals of the American Communist Party in the 1950s. Today, this social engineering is still going on with education programs like Outcome Based Education, the No Child Left Behind Act, "Values Education," and the creating of so called "Attention Deficit" conditions that warrant keeping kids medicated in order to control their behavior. Back when I was in elementary school, ADD and ADHD were called discipline problems, and were dealt with accordingly. Rather than drugs like Ritalin, back then teachers maintained strict discipline in the classroom, and were allowed to use corporal punishment if necessary. It worked better than the drugs that are used today to control behavior.

An eye opening book on this change to our method of educating our children was written by Charlotte Tomson Iserbyt, a former official with the US Department of Education. It is called, "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America," and it is definitely worth a read. She decided to blow the whistle on our education system, and it's about time someone did. According to Iserbyt, back in the 1960s the emphasis of the purpose of education changed from the importance of educating the individual to his or her highest potential, to a policy of what is best for the group rather than the individual. This is nothing short of Marxism. Self esteem would become more important that earning it through hard work. Emotional health was more important than academic achievement. Look what happened? Today, you have high school graduates that can't read or write past the fourth grade level and feel good about it. This has been a deliberate move on the part of the Cultural Marxists that have taken over our education system. In order to equalize the US as part of the socialistic New World Order, we have to be brought down while other countries are allowed to rise up. This will level the playing field, and help with the establishment of a one world government under the control of the United Nations. Notice too, that only the curricula of the public schools have been dumbed down. The private schools still maintain high academic standards. Why? Because the wealthy elite class, who also tends to be very liberal to the point of being socialists themselves, want to make sure that their kids won't have to worry about competition from the masses. It's class warfare at it's finest, and it's perpetuated by the people who claim that it is conservatives who perpetuate class warfare. Marxism has a small ruling class and a large ruled class. The wealthy elite liberals are trying to make sure that they remain the permanently entrenched ruling class here in America, with no chance of competition from the "little people." Of course their smoke screen is they blame the Republicans for the failure of our education system, when it is they who have caused it with all their "feel good" programs.

How do we fix our education system? First of all, let's admit that the system is broken and then do something about it. Unlike some doom and gloom conservatives, I think that the system can be fixed without dumping it completely and starting over from scratch. Every child in this country is entitled to a quality education that develops his or her INDIVIDUAL potential to it's highest level. Forget the group think mentality. The purpose of education is education not indoctrination. Also, not all students have the same learning abilities.

First let's bring back tracking. When I was in public elementary school back in the 1960s, you had basically three groups of regular students, and two groups of special education students. At the top was the so called Accelerated Group. These were the students that were very bright, and were definitely college bound after high school. Their classes were designed to have them learning at levels that were beyond their current grade. These were the kids taking the honors classes in high school, and who had no problem getting into the top colleges or universities of their choice. This also included the very select group of students who were accepted into the service academies at West Point, Annapolis, and Colorado Springs that lead to commissioning programs in the United States Military. Next were the average students. These were the kids that were not quite as bright as the accelerated group, but took the regular rank and file and standard college prep classes in high school. More than likely, they would end up either attending decent private colleges, state colleges or universities, or were headed into decent middle level jobs in the service industry. Many of them went on to college by starting in a local community college and then transferring to a four year institution for their last two years. Maybe they didn't have the grades or the SAT scores to get into the university of choice right out of high school. It took them a little longer to reach their potential. Because they weren't being forced to learn the material at the fast pace of the top group, they were able to develop their individual potentials to their needs. From there, they developed themselves to the next level. Many of them also considered careers as enlisted members of the armed forces, and used the military system to advance themselves. Those that stayed in usually rose up into the senior noncommissioned officer ranks, and retired with decent pensions, good benefits, and tremendous leadership skills that could be transferred to rewarding second careers in private industry upon retirement from the military. Some used the military system to become officers through commissioning programs like Officer Candidate School, or direct commissioning programs. They had the ambition to earn college degrees while in the service in fields that the military had specific needs. Their degrees were funded by the various service branch's tuition assistance programs. Below this group was the slower group. These were the kids that concentrated on the vocational courses and work study programs. If you needed your car fixed, these were the kids that you went to. Even though they weren't book smart, they were good at what they did. They didn't have to be book smart. They could fix the stuff that those that those that were book smart broke. Below these groups you had two groups of what were formerly called mentally retarded kids. They were classified into two groups...educable mentally retarded and trainable mentally retarded. They were educated according to their abilities, and were able to reach their individual potentials. Yes, they would need to have supervised and subsidized lives, but they were developed to THEIR individual potentials. They were still able to have rewarding lives, despite the fact that life had dealt them a bad hand. Now you have a broken public school system where no one is developed to their individual attention, but is used for Marxist indoctrination of the masses.

The American education system has become nothing but a means for socialist brainwashing. This all began with the influence of John Dewey, who is considered the father of modern education. Dewey was a self-proclaimed communist, who knew that the public schools could be used for the brainwashing of children in order to promote social change. He was instrumental in the founding of the American Federation of Teachers, in the founding of the National Education Association in the 1920s, and became their "Honorary Lifetime President" in 1932. The 1920s also saw the rise of Communism, Socialism, and Anarchism in America. Dewey was also instrumental in the founding of the ACLU in 1920 along with other self-proclaimed Marxists or Socialists like Norman Thomas, Jane Adams, John Haynes Holmes, Felix Frankfurter, Oswald Garrison, Clarence Darrow, Charles Beard, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and Upton Sinclair. Dewey, his compatriots in the education establishment, and the other Cultural Marxists who worked their way into our judicial branch of government, were setting the stage for the "dumbing down" of America that would start to take place in earnest in the 1960s. The mold had been created in our teachers' colleges for the indoctrination of our future school teachers to become "agents of change" as Dewey called them in his writings, in order to institute the brainwashing of America's school children into believing in worldwide Socialism.

I was a Music Education major in college. As I look back at the material in the required psychology and teaching methods courses, it has become quite clear that those of us that were to become the next generation of teachers were being used as "foot soldiers" for the Marxists that were now in control of America's education system. At the time because I was young and idealistic, I wasn't quite sure what it was, but there was something about what we were supposed to believe, under pain of receiving a failing grade, that wasn't quite right. I grew up in a household where my father was a school teacher. Comparing what he talked about at the dinner table to what was being spoon fed to us in those methods courses was like the difference between night and day. I remember hearing him talk about how the principals were now all extreme liberals, and were nothing but politicians. They would very seldom back a teacher in a dispute between a student and a teacher, or a teacher and a parent. The teacher was always to blame. A student could swear at a teacher using the foulest profanity imaginable, and it was the teacher's fault. It became harder and harder to enforce discipline in the classroom, because there were constantly new rules tying the teachers' hands. More and more schools were bringing in school psychologists that served as agents to further undermine teacher authority. The older teachers were under constant pressure from being put under intensive evaluation as to their teaching methods, or even their competence. This was to force them into early retirement so that they could be replaced with the next generation of well indoctrinated pawns in the socialistic process of dumbing down America's public education system. Many of them toughed it out to the end, retiring bitter and broken emotionally. My father took advantage of a program where he could buy into his military service time during World War II, and retire three years early. He'd had enough. As he said at that time, it was no longer a pleasure to teach anymore. My dad retired in the 1970s. I am writing this article in 2005. How much further have we slid during that time frame? Do you think that it's a coincidence that almost seventy percent of our public school teachers send their own children to private school? I think it tells you something when the teachers don't have faith in the system either.

First of all, let's look at where the problem lies. Education in America has been spiraling downward for many years. So have other aspects of American life and culture. There are many reasons for this problem. The implementation of this lowering of US education standards is being enforced by a collection of Marxists who control an organization called the United Nations. The UN is the de facto muscle arm of a small group of international socialist elite families that have been working behind the scenes of most of the nations on earth to establish a one world socialist government. America with our US Constitution and Bill of Rights, is their biggest obstacle. The destruction of America's moral and political foundation is foremost in the agenda of these people. As long as the United States of America remains a free nation with a foundation in free market capitalism, the master plan can not take place. Western Europe has already fallen into various forms of socialism. These influential and ruling families make up a group known as the Illuminati. Their "agents of change" can be found in every western society worldwide. Here in America, it doesn't matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican. These agents sit on both sides of the political aisle.

The Illuminati have strong roots in communism. I know that sounds contradictory since these families are some of wealthiest in the world. Their fortunes were made years ago in banking and industry. However, they know that there is only a limited amount of capital worldwide. They need to control it all. Communism is against free market capitalism. Communism is not against monopolistic capitalism. Socialism is the logical step between capitalism and communism. America must become socialist in order for their master plan to take effect. In order for America, the foundation of free market capitalism that drives the world's economy, to become socialist, America as it currently is, must be brought down.

America can not be brought down externally by force. After all, we are a nation of gun owners, who would readily form impromptu militias if we were every invaded. We have to be imploded from within. It also must be done slowly and deceptively so there is no resistance until it's too late. This technique is called gradualism. It's the same thing as putting a frog in a pan of cold water and then setting it on a stove over low heat. The water heats up gradually, and the frog eventually scalds to death and doesn't try to hop out of the pan in the process. It slowly becomes accustomed to the slowly warming water, and doesn't know that it's killing it until it's dead. This is how the Illuminati through their agents in the UN and in our government are slowly bringing us down. Foremost in this process is making us into a nation of functional illiterates who are not capable of meeting the tasks required of the 21st century economy. The American public school system is doing its job to make sure that this happens. The seeds for this were planted in the 1920s and 1930s, and were put into practice beginning in the late 1950s and early 1960s with programs like the "new math." Today, children are using calculators in the first grade in some school districts. In 1972 you had the formation of the US Department of Education, which set national policies for education, taking control of much of what is taught out of the hands of the local school boards. The Department of Education is controlled by people with strong socialistic leanings. More recently you have programs like Goals 2000, Outcome Based Education, the current charter school programs, and the No Child Left Behind fiascoes. Notice that these programs claim that they are improving the public schools. What they really do is throw more money at a failing system that squanders that money and then continues to fail. Several years ago, the Bush Administration authorized a 5 billion dollar study to determine why children can't read. You don't need 5 billion dollars to determine that the reason they can't read, is because they are not being taught to read. There is an old saying that goes, "If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it's a duck." Is there any improvement in the schools with these programs? Yes. Occasionally, there is some improvement. There are a small amount of students that improve with these programs, but that is also part of the smoke screen. You have to show some improvement in order hoodwink the public into believing that these plans are working. Meanwhile the rest of the American public school student population continues to be "dumbed down" en masse. When are we going to wake up to what is going on? Are we going to be like the frog in the pot of water and not realize that it has killed us until it's too late to do anything about it? Now is the time to start fixing the problem. We need to wake up as a nation, stop making excuses, and get on with the business of really improving our schools. Our future as a sovereign nation, and our future as the leader of the free world depend on it. Let's get to work America.






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